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Our Services

Services Invictus Forever offers include:     

Life Skills Development 

All of our programs are designed to help individuals develop their life skills. Programs and activities focus on life skills in five key areas: independent living, social skills, vocational skills, safety skills, and financial literacy. 

Click on the circles below to see examples of specific skills in each category. 


We offer recreational programs in a range of subject areas including sports, performing arts, visual arts, cooking, STEM, and life skills. Popular programs so far include Movement to Music, Drumming Circle, Zumba, and Adaptive Fitness.  Knowledgeable instructors trained to work with individuals with disabilities lead classes and activities.

Social Events

We host events for the whole family that will give individuals the opportunity to practice their skills while also having lots of fun! Events like game nights, talent shows, and holiday parties encourage social interaction, teamwork, creativity, and so many other important skills.

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