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Individuals will have the opportunity to take advantage of the services offered at Invictus Forever's Life Skills Development Center in Framingham, Massachusetts. Services we plan to offer include:     

Life Skills Development 

All of our programs will be designed to help individuals develop their life skills. Programs and activities at our Life Skills Development Center will focus on life skills in five key areas: independent living, social skills, vocational skills, safety skills, and financial literacy. 

Click on the circles below to see examples of specific skills in each category. 

Social Enterprises

Located in the front of our Life Skills Development Center, fully operational social enterprises will serve patrons of the public. Individuals will learn valuable life skills both by shopping and working at our social enterprises. Individuals who work in these shops will build their social skills by interacting with customers while simultaneously acquiring practical and marketable vocational skills. Our social enterprises will serve as safe environments where individuals will be able to practice their skills without a fear of being judged. Social enterprises will include a café, vintage store, florist shop, and more!  

Click here to learn more about our social enterprises.  

Vocational Training 

Individuals of all abilities will have the opportunity to enroll in a variety of vocational training programs. Led by industry professionals and experts, our vocational training pathways will provide job training and help prepare individuals who aspire to join the workforce/break into the competitive job market. For many of the pathways, our social enterprises will act as educational training grounds where trainees will be able to practice the skills they have learned. 

Scroll over the boxes to learn more about the vocational training pathways we plan to offer.  


Discover the ins and outs of the retail world. Learn about ordering stock, inventory management, visual merchandising, processing payments, customer service, and more.   

Culinary & Restaurant Service

Gain practical experience working in our café. Train to work in the kitchen or front of house.  Positions range from host/hostess to line cook and from barista to busser.  

Visual Art & Design

With access to state-of-the-art design facilities and equipment including 3D printers, laser cutters, and vinyl cutters, you will be able to explore a variety of art forms such as graphic design, CAD, fashion design, studio art, and more! 

Performing Arts

With increasing opportunities for individuals with disabilities in the world of performing arts, we want to offer performers a chance to hone their craft whether it be acting (theater and TV/film), print modeling, singing, music, dance, etc. Learn about the business of these industries and get tips on how to ace auditions and put on memorable performances.       

Multimedia Engineering

Delve into the technical side of the production and entertainment world. Acquire practical skills working backstage or behind the scenes on theater and TV/film productions and in our recording studio.

Programming & Web Development

Develop your own website, game or app. Start off by learning how to build these programs using blocks, then progress to more advanced programming languages like HTML, Java, and Python.

Administration & Clerical Duties

Experience what it’s like to work in an office setting. Fine-tune your communication skills while assisting administrators in clerical tasks such as photocopying, sorting and filing, relaying messages, and delivering mail, etc.

Cross-Vocational Training

In this program, trainees will have a chance to customize their pathway. By combining multiple subjects, individuals will try out a variety of fields to see which best suits their interests and skill sets.


Cross-Vocational Training

Our Life Skills Development Center will offer recreational programs in a range of subject areas including sports, performing arts, visual arts, cooking, STEM, language arts, reading & writing, life skills, and functional therapies. Individuals will have the chance to work on their IFSP/IEP/ISP goals, thus enhancing their general skill sets. Knowledgeable instructors trained to work with the individuals with disabilities will lead classes and activities.


Beneficial for many, therapy is a wonderful tool for improving an individual's skill sets and building his or her confidence. We will offer various kinds of functional therapies including PT/OT, ABA, speech, sensory integration, and even VR therapy. Licensed/Board certified therapists will conduct small group and one-to-one therapy sessions.      

Social Events

We plan to host events for the whole family that will give individuals the opportunity to practice their skills while also having lots of fun! Events like game nights, talent shows, and carnivals will encourage social interaction, teamwork, creativity, and so many other important skills.

Informational Lectures and Seminars for Parents

It can often be confusing and difficult to navigate the rather complex systems and services for those with disabilities, such as the IEP process, SSI, guardianship, and more. How do I receive services for my child? When do I need to start thinking about transitioning/life after high school? Which type of living situation suits my child best? There are so many questions when it comes to caring for an individual with disabilities. To help address all this confusion, Invictus Forever plans to invite experts and guest speakers to deliver informational lectures and host interactive seminars on a wide range of topics pertaining to disabilities.         

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