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Social Enterprises

Our Life Skills Development Center will house several social enterprises that will be open to members of the general public. As driving forces for community inclusion, these social enterprises will give individuals with disabilities numerous opportunities for social interaction. They will also help individuals practice their skills in a safe setting and act as practicum sites where individuals will be able to receive vocational training. 

Our social enterprises will include: 

Fresh Croissants


Featuring a menu of healthy options, the café will be open to the general public. It will also be the ideal setting for customers with disabilities to practice key elements of dining out including ordering food, table manners, and post-meal cleanup. Individuals who choose to work in the café will acquire valuable vocational and social skills related to the restaurant business. The perfect gathering spot, the café will be a great place to connect with people and foster friendships all while enjoying a delicious meal!

Vintage Store

The vintage shop will sell secondhand goods donated by members of the general public. Individuals with disabilities will have the opportunity to work in the vintage shop and gain the vocational and social skills associated with running a retail business. Customers will enjoy browsing through the selection of one-of-a-kind merchandise. Whether it’s antiques, clothing, knickknacks, or other items, the vintage shop will have something for everyone!

Clothing Store

Adaptive Clothing Store

The styles and trends found in today’s stores do not meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. Complicated buttons, tricky ties, snaps, and zippers can be frustrating and restrictive. Promoting inclusive fashion by offering clothing with adaptive features such as Velcro, magnetic snaps, elastic waistbands, etc., Invictus Forever's clothing store will fuse fashion and function.

Sensory-Friendly Arcade

With flashing lights and pounding music, typical arcades can often result in sensory overload for gamers with disabilities. Invictus Forever's arcade will be designed with these individuals and their sensitivities in mind. Players can work on improving their fine motor skills while enjoying sensory-friendly games. The arcade will give individuals a chance to have an experience similar to that of their typical peers, but without all the sensory overload.

Red Joystick
Bowling Lane

Adaptive Bowling Alley

Adjacent to the arcade, the bowling alley will be a great place to exercise, improve gross and fine motor skills, and hang out with friends. With the option to raise the bumpers and use assistive ramps, every individual will be able to fully experience all the fun bowling has to offer. The bowling alley will also make a fantastic venue for birthday parties and other events. 

Art Gallery

To help promote creative expression, Invictus Forever's art gallery will showcase pieces created by artists with disabilities. Participants in studio classes and our visual art & design vocational training pathway will have the option to display their work in the gallery. Handmade crafts of all kinds will be available for members of the public to purchase.

Arts & Crafts Store
Flower Arrangements

Florist Shop

Our florist shop will be a wonderful vocational training site for individuals with disabilities to blossom. Trainees will work with our florists to assemble exquisite arrangements and build beautiful bouquets. In addition to learning about the elements and techniques of floral design, trainees will also come to understand floral trends and the principles of proper plant care.  


After a successful day of task mastering, individuals will be able to book an appointment at the salon for a well-deserved session of pampering and relaxation. A unisex establishment, this soothing setting will offer services in haircuts and styling, makeup makeovers, and manicures. The salon will help to instill confidence in individuals. Keeping with the latest trends and styles, clients will feel great knowing that they look great!

Hair Supplies
Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 4.45.07 PM.png

Souvenir Shop

Offering more vocational opportunities to individuals with disabilities, the Souvenir Shop will sell practical items that will make an individual’s experience at our Life Skills Development Center even more enjoyable (e.g., swim caps, water bottles, stationery, etc.) Visitors will be able to stop by and pick up a souvenir to remember their extraordinary time at the Center!

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