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Invictus Forever is a nonprofit organization that seeks to meet the vocational, recreational, social, educational, and therapeutic needs of children and adults with disabilities. Invictus Forever’s meaningful activities and inclusive social initiatives cater to individuals with mild to severe disabilities (e.g., autism, developmental disabilities, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy) By promoting a tolerant and respectful atmosphere that recognizes and nurtures each individual’s unique talents, we are able to create a safe, warm, and welcoming environment where individuals of all strengths and abilities can excel.

Our Mission

The primary goal of Invictus Forever is to prepare individuals for independent living by enabling them to acquire the valuable skills needed to have successful and meaningful lives. We aim to help individuals develop confidence and gain relevant experience by exposing them to a plethora of enriching therapy and skills-based programs and activities. We give individuals opportunities to make a positive impact in the community by guiding them on the path to becoming conscientious citizens who endeavor to make positive contributions.

Our Vision

Invictus Forever plans to create a state-of-the-art facility where individuals with disabilities can develop and improve their life skills in a safe, non-judgmental setting while still having access to the greater community. Our "Life Skills Development Center" located a half-mile from downtown Framingham, MA will serve as Invictus Forever’s main hub for recreational activities, social events, vocational opportunities, and therapeutic services. Our wide range of programming will be designed to enhance life, social, cognitive, gross motor, and fine motor skills. At the heart of the Life Skills Development Center will sit a myriad of social enterprises where individuals will be able to practice their life skills in a safe, controlled, and welcoming environment.

Why the Need

Currently, the scarcity of resources and lack of opportunities for those with disabilities prevent individuals from reaching their fullest potential. This population faces limited opportunities for life skills training, vocational training, recreational activities, peer modeling and interaction, community access, and the ability to practice life skills in a safe, non-judgmental setting. Additionally, parents and caregivers require much-needed respite.

Our History

Invictus Forever was the brainchild of Carolyn Langer, M.D., the parent of a young adult with autism and intellectual & developmental disabilities (IDD). Invictus Forever seeks to fill the gaps that preclude full integration into the workforce and the broader community by ensuring that every moment is a teachable moment, enabling individuals to reach their full potential.


Many of the Invictus Forever leaders have a strong track record for implementing programs to better the lives of those with disabilities. Margaret Bauman, M.D., renowned pediatric neurologist, established the LADDERS program (now called the Lurie Center), a multidisciplinary clinic for children, adolescents and adults, with a major focus on autism that became the model for the development of the Autism Treatment Network, comprising numerous multidisciplinary clinical sites in Canada and the United States that is now part of Autism Speaks.


Carolyn Langer, M.D. established the first cub scout pack in Massachusetts for boys with special needs. She also founded Pathways to Inclusive Health Care (PIHC), an innovative gap year program housed at the Shriver Center at UMass Medical School that provides post-baccalaureate, pre-health professions students the opportunity to gain experience working with disabled populations—with the goal of creating a pipeline of future healthcare professionals eager and equipped to reduce health disparities that prevent the full integration of individuals with disabilities into society.


Invictus Forever will continue to expand on the successes of its founders by welcoming the entire community and broadening opportunities for individuals with disabilities in an inclusive environment.

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